Monday, October 11, 2010

Halloween Miscellaneous II

See this?

This is my friend Beth... whom I've slept with.

Well, okay; perhaps that's a bit misleading. Yes, we did sleep together, but she was inside her house and I was in a mildewy tent in her back yard along with several other people. Nevertheless, we were asleep at the same time, so it counts.

Anyway, if you couldn't tell from the pic, Beth is a writer and much of what she writes is horror fiction. Go buy her books; you won't be disappointed (Beth, please send the kickbacks to G. W. Ferguson at... well, you know where).

And just in case you doubt me, here's a short, short story (with a quickie interview following) just posted October 9, 2010 on Horror Drive-In:

It's perfect for the season.

(insert evil laugh)


Elizabeth Massie said...

Thanks for the blog, the link to my new tale, and for that great night we shared so long ago while you were in the moldy tent and I was in the house! ;)

G. W. Ferguson said...

That's just the way my love life seems to go.