Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Wednesday Night Snicker

So I got a text message from my friend Sarah tonight.

You remember Sarah, right? Gal pal, occasional fake date, and all-around Queen of Texting? Well, her latest text included a pic of her tattoo-in-progress:

One of her recipients responded (edited slightly),

I was thinking of getting something similar since I like Lovecraft a bit. "Maw of Cthulhu" with my booty hole as the mouth.

And being the smartass that I am, I replied,

OMG! I'd hit that so hard, whoever pulled me out would be the rightful king of England!

(you know what's coming, right?)

Bobby is a guy, but he's often mistaken for a gay one.

I don't know whether to cry or start putting up the track lighting and Judy Garland posters.

Edit 22 May 10: an earlier (and clearer) pic of what has come to be called "Sarah's Ass Circus."