Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Countdown To Halloween Day 27

New meds, feeling unwell, blogging an assortment of things in lieu of a real post.

Best Online Halloween-Related Quote o' the Evening:
" 'You can’t go out on Halloween with no costume,' he sputtered, waving his arms angrily to make the point. 'Because if you don’t have a costume, you can’t get candy! And if you’re not getting candy, you’re not trick-or-treating, you’re just taking a twilight stroll!' "
--"Twilight Saga" by Anne Thomas Soffee (Richmond magazine's Parental Rites)

Best Online Pumpkin-Carving Tutorial o' the Evening:
--spotted on Gizmodo

Best Jack-O'-Lantern Presentation O' the Evening:
--from "I came home and found this on my porch today" at reddit

Favorite Charles Addams Halloween-Related Cartoon:

Coolest Spooky-Ass Clocks & Watches EVER!:
Top Ten Haunted Horrorology--The Ghosts of Halloween Past

Enough. Bed.

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JSaM said...

That one creation reminds me of the "Human Centipede" (you have heard of that, haven't you?)