Saturday, October 2, 2010

Halloween Miscellaneous I

This just in from the Countdown to Halloween home office: Countdown participants and readers can get $5.00 off CRAZYDOG TSHIRTS stuff by using the code HALLO5 at checkout. All kinds of cool shirts and a sizable collection of Halloween costumes, though mostly of the slutty-female-caricature kind (not that that's a bad thing, necessarily). Offer good through Halloween.

In the meantime, there are Halloween fanatics and there are Halloween Fanatics. See, there's this guy in Glendale, CA (tool around the website; it's fun!) who does elaborate--and I mean elaborate--displays in his front yard (pics here). As you might imagine, these are expensive propositions and this year he's asking for a little help. He's trying to raise $2,200 by Oct. 14 to construct this:

Concept art for a steampunk drilling machine

I can't vouch for the legitimacy of his project, but here's his Kickstarter page and maybe you can judge for yourself. Regardless, the idea is unspeakably cool.


John Rozum said...

I'm enjoying your countdown and look forward to the rest. Yes, the Glendale fellows yard haunts are amazing and inspiring. I guess it helps when you have worked as a Disney Imagineer.

I have no doubt he'll pull this year's off as well. I hope he gets the funding.

G. W. Ferguson said...


Yeah, I hope the guy gets his funding. His previous years' displays are completely awesome!

JSaM said...

I wonder if Dr. Abner Perry is at the helm?