Thursday, October 21, 2010

Countdown To Halloween Day 21

I was going to do this... thing... whereby if you e-mailed me your mailing address I would send you a way cool Halloween card and maybe, possibly, some kind of (cheap & tawdry) bonus goodie. Sadly, I am neither organized enough nor energetic enough to put that plan into motion. Y'all will have to settle for...

(it's graphic-intense, takes a while to load, and requires a bit of patience on your part, but stick with it; it's just as cute as it can be)

Changing lanes...

I linked to this last year, but guess what? I'm doing it again! I mean, what's Halloween without a low budget horror film (and when I say "low," I mean low, as in whatever pocket change could be scraped together at the time)?

Way, way back in the '70s my friend and fellow Monster Kid  JSaM nabbed a Kodak Super 8 camera, cobbled together a script (mostly in his head), and convinced a small group of us we needed to make movies. We didn't know it at the time, but this was not an uncommon occurrence in those pre-Web, pre-video game, pre-cable, pre-DVD days (see Monster Kid Home Movies). What follows is our best effort and it's even a little atmospheric and moody. JSaM said,

"The last in the Moriser series (so far). This short ended up as my senior Drama project and Roanoke College has a copy of it! (1974-1976). It ended up being a sort of rural 20th century Americana (unintentionally)."

By the way, I'm the gravedigger and the guy in the living corpse make-up, which took an ungodly amount of time to apply and wound up being fairly painful. Gave me a feel for what all those actors in the Universal monster films of the '30s and '40s went through.

There were earlier efforts--if you're interested you can see them here--or, if you want to see what a goofball I was, check out the pics here.

Ten days, people! Just ten more days!

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Dex1138 said...

Shoot if I'd seen this post earlier I would've asked you to help me with my little giveaway this year.
I ran it on a message board and gave away a few postcards from Salem MA. They're even postmarked with an October date. Of course it doesn't hurt that Salem is about a 5 minute drive from here =)