Saturday, October 30, 2010

Countdown To Halloween Day 30

The 6th Annual Richmond (Virginia) Zombie Walk!

Part 1 (because I took a LOT of pictures this year):

Technically speaking, I skipped the Walk itself; what I did was show up at the Pre-Walk Meet-Up at Boat (Fountain) Lake in Byrd Park when the zombies were a little more inclined to pose. As usual, click to embiggen.

First guy to show up in costume. He spent about 20 min. after he
arrived attaching his backboard, neck brace, etc.

 Second group to arrive.

 Daddy was looking after the little girl while Mommy applied make-up.
When she came out from the car, the little girl was terrified,
but only for a moment. The lure of Moms is strong, dead
or undead.

 Beetlejuice and Lydia. I think they'd spent some time practicing posing.

 My pet line was, "Say braaaaaains!" People immediately struck a pose.

 Note the Freddy Krueger finger knives on the little boy.

 Dead Mason, one of the organizers.

 The bride... she looks familiar... oh, yeah! 2009!

 The guts and severed hand make nice touches.

 Here it's the single black rose that makes the costume.


 I love it when unrelated zombies cooperate for the camera.

 I noted he brought his own brains. He noted,
"you need a snack when you're walking."

 "I'm supposed to be a Boy Scout."
Note the reddish fluid in the hydration bottle.

 The left side of his head is covered in gold glitter.

 "I'm Jill and this is all that's left of Jack," she said.

 It's the contact lenses that get me. Lot's of people wore 'em.

Popeye and Olive won "Best Couple."

More to come!

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