Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Monday, October 3, 2016

Countdown To Halloween Day 3

CERAMIC HALLOWEEN VILLAGES???!!! How in Great Cthulhu's name did I miss out on that?

There I was, March 2016, and The Girlfriend had left me alone and unsupervised in this huge-ass card & gift shop, so, naturally, I had no choice but to amuse myself as best I could. I began to look for weird stuff to photograph so I could make snarky comments about it on Facebook. Little did I realize there was an entire section of my kind of weird: Department 56 Halloween houses and accessories. Look at 'em (the pics are mine; the links take you to each item's Department 56 webpage)!

Snow Village Halloween Roadkill Grill

 And there are so many more! Not to mention other manufacturers, like the Lemax Spooky Town Collection.


Update: Wanna know how cool my girlfriend is? She has no idea I'm writing this post, much less what it's about, but earlier today she gave me this Hearse of Bones!

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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Countdown To Halloween Day 2

 On Halloween Strange Sights Are Seen

You've got to love vintage Halloween postcards. What was once cute and adorable is now strange and creepy.

Just sitting around, carving a jack o' lantern...

...then taking it for a nightmare ride across the River Styx!

After which the little children are led to certain doom.

I mean, look what happened to this woman.

Strange sights, indeed!

Enough to make you wish you'd gone to bed and pulled the covers over your head.

Or hadn't eaten those odd-looking mushrooms.

So, high-tail it home...

Or this could happen to you!

And remember, sometimes your friends are not really your friends,

But beware of any potential acquaintances driving a fruit and vegetable car.

Best to stick with your mom...

...but maybe not your sister.

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