Sunday, October 31, 2010


And the Grand Finale!
(watch it in HD on YouTube)

Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Countdown To Halloween Day 30--Part 4

The last of my 6th Annual Richmond Zombie Walk pics. I promise.

And what's a Zombie Walk without a Zombie Princess?

The crowd. The website says there were easily 650+ participants.

I can believe it.

Countdown To Halloween Day 30--Part 3

Yeah, still more 6th Annual Richmond Zombie Walk pics (my cable modem is smoking).

"Dude! 'Sup?"

Brain muffins, I presume.

Steampunk/alternate future zombie hunter.

They told me they'd just gotten married for real last week!

Yes, it's a Zom-Bee. Ouch.

Another alternate future zombie hunter.


Love the demon baby.

Pyramid Head from the Silent Hill franchise.

Yes, there were zombie dogs...

...and zombie mutant ducks.

Danger waiting in the wings.

Just adjusting our costumes while listening to instructions.

I love the soda bottle construction.

Just a few more...

Countdown To Halloween Day 30--Part 2

And we continue with my 6th Annual Richmond Zombie Walk pics:

Yes... yes, they do.

WTF is going on here? Double cross-dressing, "Jude"
Star of David... is that Zombie Anne Frank...


"Holy s***!"

In case you wondered what was for lunch.

Uh... cereal killers?

But... but... where's the Skipper? And the rest?

Zombie Ash. A little 4-yr.-old boy was all excited
about the chainsaw arm.

Hey, the '60s were rough on a LOT of us!

I noticed the Zombie Walk has, more and more,
become a couples event.

The girl on the left demonstrates unusual flexibility.

I love how little sis is ignoring big brother.

Just another day in the park.

"Look, Mommy! BRAAAAAAAAINS!!!"

I ain't done yet!