Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Countdown To Halloween Day 12

See this?
It's from Mark Gervais of HALLOWINDOW.

 Is that the coolest or what? And it's one of those ridiculously simple ideas that is completely brilliant--project seasonally-appropriate animated sequences onto your window! All you need are a DVD player of some sort, a bed sheet to hang inside your window to serve as a screen, and, here's the one tricky part, a video projector with a fairly bright bulb, something on the order of 2000 lumens and the correct cabling. These tend to be pricey as hell based on a quick glance at Best Buy's offerings, making eBay, rentals, or a loan from your favorite bloodsucking corporate entity attractive options. Oh, and you'll need to buy one or more of Hallowindow's DVDs, (or create your own animations) but still, look at it!

It would be SO worth it!

A brief look at last year's offering:

A preview of this year's offering:

Sweet screamin' Jeebus, I love this! I just wish I had a suitable window.

Here's a nice How To: Halloween Fun Outdoor Effects With Windows Live Essentials 2011 (including a little about editing Hallowindow's DVDs so as not to terrify the littlest ones too much (Gee, I thought that was the point. What's the use in having kids if you can't traumatize 'em?) and some notes on Improving Contrast With Black Scrim.

Hallowindow is also on Facebook.

No, I don't get any kickbacks for pimping... dammit.


Tzilla said...

u can do the same thing with a slide projector or overhead projector. they also make these things for xmas that project an image on the outside of the house, maybe they can be adjusted to be Halloween appropriate. moving pics are cool from a DVD. also the bulbs in these are very expensive and have very limited lives so is that worth it.I worked av for decades\, they make rear projection screens which work much better than a sheet.

G. W. Ferguson said...

Tzilla: Funny you should mention a slide projector--I was thinking about one of those Kodak Carousel projectors loaded with spooky slides (does anyone work w/35 mm. film anymore, especially now that Kodachrome is dead? I have notebooks full of 35 mm. slides from my photography days).

Didn't know about actual rear projection screens. Neat!

Cool ideas!