Sunday, October 3, 2010

Countdown to Halloween Day 3

And speaking of vintage Halloween cards (which we were yesterday), what's up with these kids?

What? Is he Huckleberry Finn in his younger years?

Yeah, he's up to something.

So is this little girl. It probably involves something unsavory with that poor cat.

Yep! Witch's outfit, pumpkin cauldron, missing kitty...

OMG! See? SEE? I TOLD you something was going to happen! Ya don't mess with a black hoodoo.

Oh. Whew. Never mind. The cat's safe. Stoned, but safe.

Oops! Maybe not. How embarrassing for both.

ACK! We're aging!

WTF? See? Messing with hoodoo has unexpected consequences... being left out of the age-appropriate Halloween festivities.

But in the end it's all good.

Later, dudes and dudettes! Right on!


JSaM said...

So nice to have a favorite holiday named after me- SAMhain!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing these vintage postcard images. They're GREAT !!
Many of these are new to me, as well, which is even better. ;)

Looking forward to the rest of the month, to see what else you'll be posting.

Nice blog - well done !!

Keep up the good work.


G. W. Ferguson said...

@JSaMhain: Oh, you... why I oughta...

@JJ: Thanks!