Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Countdown To Halloween Day 20

You may recall my post Dinner With Drac (Day 5) wherein I linked to all sorts of cool-but-gross recipes for that massive Halloween party feast you're going to be inviting me to (you are, aren't you? I mean, I'm quite entertaining in person... for about half an hour or so).

Well, consider this "Dinner With Drac Redux." First of all, today is Bela Lugosi's birthday and as I said last year, I'm simply not a good enough writer to attempt a tribute (I settled for talking about coffins instead; see also my drivel about The Random Crap Which Infests My Brain, Part III, wherein I babbled about the Dracula ring), so a second post about meals fit for a Count seemed appropriate. Secondly, since then I've discovered all sorts of food-oriented, Halloween-related, web-based stuff.

In that post I referenced how to make a Meathead ("Yummy Halloween Fun!")--a buffet entree composed of cold cuts and such wrapped around a plastic skull. It's one of those nifty, neat-o projects that merited better pics and lo and behold! I found some! From Make magazine's special Halloween edition, the DIY HOWTO for a Meat Head!

See also the recipes on I Make Projects--A Cannibal-themed Halloween Supper: Chilled Brain Spread! Alien Autopsy Shooters! Eyes in Blood Sauce! Brain On A Plate! And for dessert, Chilled, Bloody Heart!

Oh, and definitely check out Britta's Halloween recipes, which include such items as Eerie Eyeballs, Bizarre Brain Pate, Sinister Skulls, and Haunted Human Heart.

Elsewhere, there's Yummy Mummy Meatloaf:

  (yes, there's a delicious-looking meatloaf beneath the pasta wrappings)

And for special Halloween treats (or Dia de los Muertos; your choice), Do It Yourself Sugar Skulls (supplies, hints, molds, and alternate recipes here):

Meanwhile, the neighbors continue to decorate...

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