Monday, October 12, 2009

He (Was) Creepy and Kooky, Mysterious and Spooky

The Halloween Countdown, Day 12

I'm referring, of course, to cartoonist Charles Addams, whose macabre-but-usually-gentle sense of humor often graced the covers of The New Yorker, especially the Halloween editions (as usual, click the pic to embiggen):

In searching The New Yorker's online archive I happened across two non-Addams Halloween covers I particularly like:


JSaM said...

Well, the Castle collection will be out tues, and it will include "The Old Dark House" with that ghastly hand rising up in the frame during the credits to give the "stylings by . ." credit to Chas Addams! I would like to think that we were the only two in the audience that day who "got it".

And cousin Roderick's comment upon finding the skewered Aunt Agatha, "Must have been murder, she always knitted so carefully."

G. W. Ferguson said...

I've been seeing the ads on TCM and I've got to say, I'm VERY excited!

The first time I saw the Castle version was in my basement one Sat. afternoon. I taped the audio with a second-hand (a neighbor gave it to me) miniature (for the times) reel-to-reel tape recorder missing a capstan belt and had to revolve the take-up reel with my finger, but it was worth the trouble to listen to it in my bedroom late at night. I laughed into my pillows.

I also remember paperback collections of Charles Addams cartoons which I read (but never purchased) in People's Pharmacy while Mom went grocery shopping.