Thursday, October 8, 2009

Let's Haunt A House!

The Halloween Countdown, Day 8

Since I live alone in an area where there are no trick-or-treaters I don't do a lot of decorating for Halloween.* Sure, there's my skull collection and my monkey brain in a jar,** which make every day Halloween, but about the only thing I pull out specifically for the season is the little Halloween tree my friend Pam made for me... gawd... twenty years ago?

What I should do is set up some sort of system to project... things... on my window:

Oh. Sweet Jeebus. Coolest. Thing(s). Ever!

Buy the DVDs at Mark Gervais' Hallowindow and terrify your neighborhood!

* Though sometimes other people do the decorating for me. As I was leaving for work Nov. 1st a couple of years ago I noticed my front door was covered in bloody handprints, courtesy of my friend and occasional fake date Sarah.

** Which is sorta cool, but not sufficiently ostentatious. Someday I hope to have an Atomic Brain Think Tank sitting in a quiet corner of the apartment.

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