Sunday, May 2, 2010

Alone And Unsupervised On A Saturday Night...

...with ready access to caffeine, the Intarwebs, and Bad combination. In this case, several lines of thought intersected, all of them, sadly, involving poor, long-suffering acquaintance, Wayne, writer, poet, video memoirist, dedicated fan of Bobby the Mitch and Abe Vigoda, one of two men with whom I share a sense of humor.

The results:

In an alternate universe this would be my first collection of short stories. Inside joke for those not in the know: Nightmare Alley is a dark, dark piece of fiction by William Lindsay Gresham. The first time I saw this photo of Wayne I thought, "Gee, he looks like the perverted ride operator at some sleazy-ass traveling carnival," and made the obvious (to me) connection.

Then, while looking for prime examples of Nazi bondage and torture art in vintage men's adventure magazines (aka "Sweats")--please don't ask why--I stumbled across a couple of images that seemed oh-so-appropriate and turned them into imaginary book covers. Again, for those not in on the joke, Brother Wayne makes frequent reference to Bubbly Creek in his blog, FRANKENSTEIN1959.

And, yes, I realize friends don't let friends use Comic Sans, but, for me, it just seems to work.

Take-home message? I'm not to be trusted with a computer.


JSaM said...

Well Lee, as you've discovered, a computer in the wrong hands is dangerous! I think, though, that Wayne needs to get busy and fill in behind these covers (good job by the way!).

JSaM said...

The movie "Nightmare Alley", based on Gresham's novel carries its own sickness. The idea of matinee idol Tyrone Power chewing the heads off chickens for hooch, even if it is off screen, carries an added unpleasant subtext to the whole notion.