Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Night Randomness

I'm wired on caffeine, thrilled that it's Friday, thinking about World Goth Day, reminiscing about bacon, dreading going to the DMV tomorrow morning to renew my driver's license, wondering what the hell the woman who cut my hair this afternoon was thinking, debating whether I'm too old to access Chatroulette, and, in general, just free-associating my ass off.

It's a random kind of night.

Here's the latest imaginary exploitation novel that Brother Wayne should write some day (others here):

My WTF? moment a few years ago:

Muffler Men FTW! (North Side, Richmond, VA):

A Sunday afternoon Wal*Mart WTF?:

Still trying to figure out how an intelligent gorilla is going to take over the world with Treasure Island, Robinson Crusoe, and Moby Dick. Maybe it's a post-modern thing:

Man, I miss 4th St. Cafe:

One more thing and then I'm done. Please resume your usual Friday night activities.

(from Watson Hates Holmes by Warren Ellis)

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