Sunday, July 6, 2008

What I Did For the Fourth of July

Pretty much nuthin'.

I took Thursday off from work so as to generate a four-day weekend and, so far, it's been me, the cat, Thomas Pynchon, the IntarWeb, Windows Media Player, and a, uh, rippin' good time with a bunch of CDs.*

Oh, yeah. And I got a haircut.

A quick glance at my user icon will explain why the young'uns tease me with "Hey, G. W! The 'Seventies called; they want their hair back!", to which I have no particular witticism. I settled on that many years ago because, well, for one, I hate fussing with my hair and this is about as low-maintenance as one can get (wash it, comb it, air-dry it, grow it for months between trims without looking too ridiculous), which leads us to the other reason--I hate having my hair cut.

I admit it's totally irrational and defies explanation; there's just...something...about having total strangers mucking around with my head and moving sharp, shiny instruments near my eyes and ears that generates an intense sense of unease and discomfort. It's not even based on the more typical "OMG! What if I get a bad one and wind up looking goofy?" haircuttery fear (it's hair; it'll grow back); it''s...something more atavistic, some vague but deeply primal fear lurking in the shadowy recesses of my hypothalamus.


But enough of that. Let's wrap this up with a quick video of how the Second Amendment and the right to free expression can be deeply intertwined:

* After my "I Did NOT Make This Up!" post and a little prodding from Wayne** I decided it was high time to convert my collection of spooky-ass music (teen death songs, murder ballads, songs about serial killers, songs with an even remotely Halloweenish theme, etc.) into mp3 format.

** e-mail: "Very cool, Rev.*** I was thinking (almost seriously) that you and I should find a high spot in the Shen(andoah) Valley and set up a something that will run a continuous loop of 'Do You Think I'm Psycho, Mama?'"

"And when the CIA finds it, do you think we will be on the terrorist list or the pain in the ass list?"

*** My Discordian/SubGeniioid alterego is "The (Not) Right (Ir)Reverend Lee." There are those who know me by no other name.


Cathy VanPatten said...

So, was this just a trim, or was it a whole a new style?

I'm trying to envision short hair on you, and I'm having a hard time...

G. W. Ferguson said...

Well...same style, just significantly shorter all around--you can see that I actually do possess ears.

Cathy VanPatten said...

Ah! I think I can envision that. And one thing I've found when I've had my hair cut really, really short (specifically, back in the last month of the Poptarts, when I left the stylist in tears with only about a half-inch of hair anywhere on my head), you don't have to go back for a haircut for a long, long time!

G. W. Ferguson said...

My chosen warning sign for when it's time for a haircut is "jeez, it's taking over an hour to dry--this is too much fuss and bother." I suppose I could invest in a blow dryer of some sort, but again, too much fuss and bother.

Once I've been shorn of my non-curly locks I marvel at the 15-20 min. air-dry time and wonder why I don't do something simple like establish a regular hair-cutting schedule, but, again, too much fuss and bother. Goes along with "Why do you wear blac/gray/dark colors?" Too much time and trouble to figure out what goes with what without clashing, time I'd rather spend reading.