Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Inter Alia

Honestly, I really am working on some substantive posts, but in the meantime feel free to shudder at the workings of my dark and cluttered mind--I find be laugh-out-loud funny.

(that last one is from Warren Ellis and


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Great post, sir. I'm sure you are aware of Warren Ellis's THE BOYS?

G. W. Ferguson said...

Warren Ellis is, of course, a GOD, assuming one can handle a chain-smoking, Red Bull-swilling, British-accented, foul-mouthed, lecherous and perverted deity.

I have no problem with this.

And for some reason when I read Crooked Little Vein I thought of you!

G. W. Ferguson said...

Uhhh...but don't be injecting any saline into your scrotum.

JSaM said...

You boys are a little deviant, but in a nice way."Where was Moses when the lights went out? Down in the basement eating saurkraut" (From Sons of The Copper Beeches, or did I have to reference that?)

G. W. Ferguson said...


I haven't thought about Copper Beeches in years! That's one of those forgotten classics of the '70s, though the British didn't much like it.