Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Hey, Y'All! We've Got Ourselves A Bigfoot!

Oh, Gawd bless the Intarweb, without which I would never have known that the deep, dark, and skeery backwoods of Virginia, my home state, might possibly, maybe, just conceivably harbor a Bigfoot! Yeah, baby, you heard me, a BIGFOOT, so screw you, West Virginia and your wimpy-ass, red-eyed, flighty little Mothman, WE'VE GOT A BIGFOOT!

No, really! Check out "In Search of Bigfoot" in the August issue of Blue Ridge Outdoors:

"It’s midnight and the black veil of darkness that pervades the woods has been transformed into varying shades of green, thanks to the night vision goggles we’re using. It’s as if we’ve stepped out of reality and into a video game."

"We’re looking for Bigfoot in a wildlife management area on the edge of the Rappahannock River, about an hour from Washington D.C. It’s a strange thing to be doing on a Sunday night in the woods of Eastern Virginia, because A) Bigfoot does not exist according to mainstream scientists, and B) if he does exist, it’s hard to imagine the creature living here, half an hour from the nearest D.C. Metro stop."

"But Dranginis claims to have seen a Bigfoot creature not far from here several years ago, and a number of sightings have been reported in this general vicinity dating back to the 1950s."

There's lots more information (including a sightings map) over at the Virginia Bigfoot Organization and Sasquatch Watch of Virginia websites

See also "Hot For Creature."

A big "thank-you!" to kitten_moon for making my Wednesday evening just a leetle more interesting by posting this in the Shenandoah Valley LiveJournal.


Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Back in the days of Psuedocons and I still drank beer with my NyQuil, I swore I saw a Bigfoot driving one of Charlie's VWs. And I dare anyone to tell me otherwise. It was the year Jeff and Cathy got themselves married. I'm still waiting for the Flatwoods Monster to make an appearance out yonder.

G. W. Ferguson said...

"You drink whiskey like it was water and you slug down Nyquil like it was a glass of lemonade"
--"Roberta" by Rev. Billy C. Wirtz

THAT was no Bigfoot; that was CHARLIE!

Speaking of Cathy's wedding, one of my fondest(?) memories came about just as we were assembling within Grand Caverns for the ceremony. One of the tour guides/security people was concerned that participants were wandering too freely within the cave system and meandered over to one of the side passages, at which point YOU, in all your Michael Berryman-esque glory, emerged from the darkness.

The poor woman gasped and I had to restrain my sphincters.