Monday, May 16, 2011

Sometimes You Can't Win

Since we all know The Internet Is Made of Cats, I feel it is my solemn duty to post the occasional pic of King Sid the First, Master of Fluffiness, Lord High Consumer of All Things Tuna, and Designated Scourge of Displaced Crickets.

Which I did the other day at my Facebook account:

His Majesty upon his favorite perch.

And which precipitated the following exchange:

Sarah: Creepy cat lady

JR: really Sarah....ahem...

Sarah: Show me a picture on facebook of me and a cat!

JR: dont need to, you and (Big Gay) an{ne} are conspiring cat ladies and blackberry birthers...

Sarah: Blackberry birthers!? All I'm saying is that cat ladies stay at home and make people look at pictures of their cats. That is {G. W.}.

Well, okay, it's true I rarely leave the apartment except by necessity and I did post a cat pic, but hey! >>>I<<< don't force people to view an image of my Stinky Shoes (as Sarah did recently). I may be a recluse, but I've got some class!

Okay, I don't.

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