Monday, May 23, 2011

Six Pseudohaikus

Or, what goes through my head at 2:00 a. m.

(1) On Coffee
Delicious caffeine!
Dark potion of wakefulness.
Another cup, please.

(2) Up Late
No sleep for the geek.
Adrenaline and coffee
Make my neurons fire.

(3) When I'm In Pain
Fuck off, aspirin!
My backache deserves much more.
Ibuprofen rules!

(4) Concerning the Recent Rapture
Don't worry, Raptoids!
You misread your timetable?
X-Day is coming.

(5) To A Facebook Friend
Silly Annerky!
You poke me and I poke you.
It's almost like sex.

(6) An Evening's Entertainment
World domination!
With a simple game of Risk
Sarah rapes us both.

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