Monday, August 25, 2008

Baconpunk: In the Event of Impending Apocalypse...

...stock up on canned bacon! Yoder's Canned Bacon (Warning: Baconporn!) to be precise, since there seems to be no alternative.

(yeah, y'all thought I was through with Baconpunk, didn't you? Fat *snicker!* chance.)

"Fully Cooked, Ready to Eat, 12 Cans per case, 40 to 50 slices per can," 10-yr. shelf life, refrigerate after opening, requires adult supervision, consult your cardiologist before using, and only $109.95!

Bacon. Is there any problem it can't make better?


Commander Zero said...

:::Makes note to add canned bacon to stockpile in bunker:::

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

A pile of bacon next to a bowl of dipping butter.

Capcom said...

Could these be the same as doggie
Beggin' Strips? We'll never know till we buy some. :-o