Sunday, November 14, 2010

NaNoWriMo Continues But I Took A Break

28,119 words so far, if you happen to be keeping count. Once again, it ain't quality, it's quantity. Sing along with me now: "We'll fix it in the edit, we'll fix it in the edit..."

But my plot and characters are starting to do whatever the hell they damn well please regardless of what I want them to do ("Go over there." "Screw you, I'm going over here!"), which is one of the stranger things that happens to me when I attempt to write fiction. This requires periodic resurfacings into The Real World (est. 4,500,400,000 B. C. E.), but even then things don't cooperate. I keep... seeing things. Weird things. Things that had to have been there all along but I didn't notice. This, for example (and why I always carry a camera):

Spotted this afternoon when I left
McDonald's with fish sandwich &
Diet Coke.

I knew the mural was there (it's on the side of the Helping Hands Veterinary Clinic which I walk by almost daily); I'd just never noticed this particular juxtaposition.

And then next door there's this:

How could I have possibly missed her?

Just one of those things, I suppose.

Oh! the artist is a local, Daniel Johnson, and he's got a time lapse video here.


JSaM said...

What is this, Marilyn Monroe meets Bettie Page? I like the idea, but he should have time-lapsed at twice the speed-this is like watching, well, paint dry!

G. W. Ferguson said...

I know, but the novelty of finding a YouTube video of something just around the corner from where I live was irresistible!