Saturday, November 13, 2010

The NaNoMadness Continues...

...But you don't really care about all the details; it's just a continuing exercise in self-flagellation.

Writing buddy and long-time friend Bill G. and I met up today at Cartwheels & Coffee, "the playland designed with parents in mind," so his kids could play while we sucked down caffeine and pounded our keyboards (sometimes with our heads). It's a very cool place with slides and train sets and costumes and mirrors and giant padded doughnuts and a super-sized padded noodle-like thing; I wish they'd come up with something similar for adults!

Aiden enjoyed rolling Blade around in the Giant Padded Doughnut O' Doom.
Hapless bystanders and their parental units were not so sure about this activity.

Our barista was simply adorable and surprisingly tolerant of these
two creepy-looking men lugging laptops, cables, and hyperactive children.
"I hope your latte's okay; it's only my third day (now I'm going to
stand over here, near the door, well away from you weird-os)."

There was a DeLorean parked in front of the nearby Byrd Theatre for whatever reason, but I dunno; that's kind of cliché. I was much more intrigued by this little vignette I spotted at the corner of Cary and Nansemond (it's so very Richmond!):

We both managed to get some writing done; Bill hit 24,160 words and I'm not too far behind, craptastic though they may be.

Oh. I took one other picture but it came out lousy. I'll get a better shot tomorrow. Certain ones of you are gonna love it.


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