Sunday, December 2, 2007

Weekend Roundup

So it was Saturday morning and I was in the living room, wrapped in a nice, warm, faux-fur blanket, peacefully watching Village of the Damned, one of my favorite SF movies of all time, while preventing Sid-the-Cat from engaging in his usual furniture-endangering pre-noon Hyper-Spaz Kitty Routine through the simple expedient of scratching his ears, when the banging and hammering began.

"Oh, sweet Crom," I thought to myself. "It's officially Christmas."

Because, you see, every December for the past few years the cute little twenty-something couple who live above me have hung an increasingly complex array of lights from their balcony, a task involving an amazing amount of heated discussion, small-scale carpentry, and minor electrical mishaps. While it sounds to me like a Three Stooges routine minus the "Nyuck nyuck nyucks," they seem to accomplish it with minimal bloodshed or irreparable relationship damage and the results are always quite lovely.

Maybe I should hang my own lights. Are purple mini-bulbs Christmas-y or merely emo?

Anyway, while Chaos and cacophony held sway over all I spent my time surfin' the 'Net to see what was interesting and found a couple of items:

You may recall my Baconpunk* entry. You may also be aware of the recent flowchart meme permeating the Intarwebs, a sort of LOLcats for the geek/GTD crowd. As further evidence of the basic interconnectedness of all things I present to you the Bacon Flowchart!

Not sure what to get that Mad Scientist on your Christmas List? Well, you can't go wrong with a little U-238**! Be sure to read the comments and the Customer Reviews; they're hysterical!

Excellent Timewasters!
Whitechapel, Warren Ellis's new discussion forum for all things weird and wonderful.
Holidailies, wherein people solemnly vow to update their Web sites daily from Dec. 1 to Jan. 1.

*A term I would love to take credit for but was actually coined by Warren Ellis.

**The link for this product has, mysteriously, gone dead, not that I'm inferring a conspiracy or anything. And what's up with this UFO Detector?
Never mind. It's back.


Aleph said...


Libby* and myself** were at least the first people to use the term Baconpunk in this context. Got posted on Warren's boards (blame Libby for that), and the rest is history.

Apologies if saying so's out of line. Just sticking up for the one claim to fame I may have on the Intart00bs. SO happy people (especially Warren...zomg) have run with it =D



G. W. Ferguson said...

No apologies needed! I always prefer to give credit where credit is due so thanks for the information! Consider your claim to fame secure!