Sunday, July 18, 2010

"Very Sparkly..."

Some of you may know I am a casual--very casual--coin collector. I don't have a particularly exciting collection nor is it particularly valuable (well, I have a couple of things collectors might covet) and I don't specialize as most collectors do. I merely accumulate those things that strike my fancy, e. g., micronation currency (Wirtland, Sealand, Conch Republic), American Silver Eagles, early American commemoratives, and so forth and so on.

My most recent purchase, "recent" as in 9:00 p. m. this evening, was a 1973 Cook Island dollar I'd been coveting for some time now:

Yeah, kind of boring, but I didn't get it for the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II; I got it for the image of Tangaroa on the reverse:

Amongst numismatists this is known as "the Naughty Dollar."

Yeah, I'm easily amused; what the heck, it keeps me off the streets.

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