Monday, July 5, 2010

Addendum to "Happy Fourth of July!"

So last night I hiked from my place to Byrd Park to watch the 4th of July fireworks, which was great fun despite the heat, the humidity, and the humongous crowd.

Best WTF? moment came when I overheard a 30-something mom fussing at her (approx.) 4-yr.-old daughter: "I will NOT tolerate you perpetuating that behavior!"

Second best WTF? moment came when I noticed this little hormonally-saturated, overdeveloped piece of jailbait (as in maybe 14) wandering around in her teensy-weensy cut-off denim shorts and two-sizes-too-small pink tank top emblazoned with "My Boyfriend Is Out Of Town..." flirting with every drunk college boy (and there were a bunch) she could find.

Not that I was staring.

After wandering the park I decided the best location for viewing was the northern shore of Boat/Fountain Lake (depends upon whom you ask), a wise decision as (1) it was significantly cooler by the water and (2) there was a nice breeze. No fireworks pics, but here's one of the fountain at 9:05 p. m.

(the bright spot seen through the fountain is one of the streetlights surrounding the lake and the tiny light in the upper right is the Carillon, which you can just make out through the darkness)

Nothing else to add beyond fireworks ROCK!

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