Saturday, June 26, 2010

Strolling Towards the Boulevard

Grove Avenue, Richmond, VA, Saturday, 26/Jun/10, between N. Thompson and Boulevard, about 3:00 p. m. when the temperature and humidity were both approaching 100. Because I'm an idiot. As usual, click to embiggen.

A fossilized bacteriophage! One of several on the 3400 block of Grove Ave.

Temple Beth-El, 3330 Grove Ave.

Near the Confederate Memorial Chapel, 2900 Grove Ave.

Cannon outside the Confederate Memorial Chapel.
The inscription reads, "One of the guns used in the defence of Fort Sumter."

Another view (duh!).

The mandatory, pretentiously art-y shot, Confederate Memorial Chapel grounds.

No particular story here. I've got two Facebook friends who would appreciate the inherent humor of a "fossilized 'phage" (yeah, we're paleo-/bio- geeks. Sod off) so in a sudden burst of inspiration and energy I grabbed my camera and headed east on Grove and wound up playing tourist, snapping pics all the way to the Boulevard. We won't talk about how many gallons of sweat I lost on this little expedition; let's just say no one stood close to me in line at the 7-11 when I purchased a Diet Peach Snapple.


JSaM said...

Funny you should mention it. I went for my Sunday morning constitutional and realized I had my own little phone/camera and could take pictures as I went. The concept really makes one more observant. I took some pics of the old cemetary behind The Centre for Shopping (sorry, Willow Oak Plaza)and meant to snap a few of the old Wilson Trucking site, which has been rendered a nice grassy knoll (put 'n' par anyone?). I s'pose great minds think alike.

luguvalium said...

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