Thursday, June 17, 2010

Momentary Mystery

Or, "Yes, I Need A Life; Shut Up Already!"

This afternoon I was coming back from dropping off a DVD at the Redbox in front of my local Walgreens (okay, it was Up if you must know) and as I took my usual shortcut between the twin apartment buildings across the alley from my place I noticed this:

"Well, who the hell messed up the bricks?" I wondered. But they weren't messed up; these were reflections caused by the setting sun. "That is so cool!" I thought. "Camera time!"

(solar Jeebus fish?)

"So what, exactly, is casting these way-cool reflections?" Drawing upon my vast knowledge of (non-calculus-based, passed by the skin-of-my-teeth) college physics I did a 180 and checked the wall opposite. A row of second-story windows was blazing with sunlight (I had my Lumix set on "Intelligent Auto" because, well, I'm lame like that, so all sorts of magical exposure compensation has removed the glare), but look at 'em:

WTF? There was nothing, nothing in any of the windows to explain the patterns I was seeing.

It's a mystery.


luguvalium said...

I say a 3-d projection of a 4 dimensional being.


Maybe it was a reflection off those windows. They look like double pane vinyl windows are designed to reflect some of the heat and light. The glass is not perfectly flat, its curves in slightly like a dish antenna and focuses the light back in the X pattern.

Turdzilla said...

By looking for a scientificy logical explanation you have cheated yourself out of WONDERMENT. The X's obviously struck you as MAGICAL and tyou went and documented it. Just accept it was a message from the grand beyond, it needs no explanation. Now you will be returning to the site on the same day of the year at the same time for decades to come, looking for another MIRACULOUS unexplainable event. There is something GRAND about the unexplained and baffling,it destroys our haughty intellectualism that we have everything figured out. If we can accept that "we don't know shit" about the true nature of reality we are closer to the truth. You are dreamdust, thats all you are. Logic is a comforting pacifier shoved in our mouths to protect us from the unknown.