Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I-Mockery... U-Mockery... We All Mock(ery) ("mocking pop culture and whatever else we can get"), which is a graphically annoying (intentionally so, I'm guessing) but blasphemously funny website, reminds us that a little Holiday satire goes a long way-- check out their Christmas Holiday Collection, should you be in need of a seasonally-appropriate time-waster.

Since I have a low tolerance for the maudlin and overly sentimental, I particularly enjoyed being reminded of The Ten Best Things About Scrooged, especially the fake trailer for The Night the Reindeer Died:

Oh, and since this year December Belongs to Cthulhu, here's a Cthulhu carol for ya:

Too much? Okay, here are the Jingle Cats singing "Silent Night":

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