Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blast From the Past!

Sorry, Holidailies folks; this one's not Holiday-related at all. Bear with me.

I'm always reading about how you should be extremely careful about what you post about yourself to the Intarwebs-- ya never know what may come back to bite you on the ass. But what about what other people post?

Case in point:

Yep, that's what I looked like in Junior High School. Posterity and I could both do without that particular image, but no; my (ahem!) friend Sam had to go and plaster this all over Facebook when I mentioned recently I'd gotten a haircut and the last time it had been so short was 7th grade.

After weathering the resulting comment storm I figured, "Well, things could have been worse. At least that wasn't overly humiliating."

But I forgot about...

Oh, my. High School days. A bit embarrassing, but people will figure it's just youthful exuberance and think no more about it. At least there's nothing else.

Wrong. SO wrong. These, Crom help me, surfaced today on a friend's sister's Facebook profile (and I'd forgotten this... incident... had been documented):

I'm guessing these were taken about 1978. As I recall, I showed up at Wally's house one afternoon (Wally's the guy kneeling in the 1st photo) to see if anyone wanted to do anything that evening (a movie? A McDonald's run? Cruise the bustling main drag of Waynesboro?). With no forewarning (and an air of mystery) Wally's (awesomely attractive) sister ushered me into the living room and there I beheld Wally and Scott, dressed as you see them above, sitting side by side, striking identical poses on the couch.

The (uncomfortably tight because they were meant for actual children, not childish twenty-somethings) toy space helmets were emblazoned with "LUNAR PATROL" and sported two cute 'n' nifty, semi-adjustable antennae on the back, just the thing to make young ladies' hearts go pitter-pat.

"Where. Did. You. Get. Those. Ridiculous. Things?"

"At (some local toy store)... and we got YOU one, too!"

"I... you... uh... *sputter* oh, f*** it, get me some coveralls! We're HEADIN' OUT!"

And this is why I'll never hold a political office.


JSaM said...

Well done, Sonny Jim! I don't know what you all did, but a photo-op is about the best anyone(including politicos) can hope for! Scot did add an air of gravitas to any number of occasions, didn't he?

the sister said...

I guess I'm the "awsomely attractive sister".... lol!

G. W. Ferguson said...

To "the sister":

Well, duh!