Thursday, October 2, 2008


Halloween Countdown, Day 2
A couple of things to covet...

You know you're going to need something to wash down (or distract you from) Penn & Teller's Bleeding Heart Gelatin Dessert, right? Well, according to MetaFilter* there's a new booze in town and Dan Aykroyd is pimping it: Crystal Head Vodka.

Quadruply-distilled alcohol blended with water from the aquifers of Newfoundland then triple-filtered through Herkimer diamonds to infuse it with...

Well, I have no idea, but Dan talks about it real purty, almost as if his Bass-O-Matic salesguy character had finally gotten his bipolar disorder under control and yeah, there's a lot of hoo-ha about paranormal phenomena and UFOs and ghosts and mysterious doings and the crystal skulls, but the bottom line is this:

I don't drink anymore so I don't care if it has mystical powers and/or tastes like rat urine mixed with cow dung; IT'S A DAMN COOL-LOOKING BOTTLE O' VODKA AND I WANT ONE!

No, two! For my skull collection!

And wouldn't your drunken Halloween Bash be just a leeeetle cooler if your bar was well-stocked with these?

Just remember to send me the empties.

And speaking of skulls and paraphernalia for your drunken Halloween Bash, Brass Goggles reports on an artist who's made a pinhole camera that incorporates the 150-year old skull of an 13-year old girl child:

*See also the comments on reddit. They're a hoot!


JSaM said...

Lee, this is so cool! If you'd care to purchase one, I would be glad to prepare it for you! Giving skull is not a bad thing!

Cathy VanPatten said...

Way cool! So... is it actually for sale? I couldn't find a link to purchase it. Or maybe I'm just cyber-challenged!

By the way, Jeff and I are planning on driving down for the legendary FFF art show next weekend. Are you planning on attending? Barb isn't exhibiting this year, so we could all just trawl around the show, eating funnel cakes and such...

G. W. Ferguson said...

IT IS THE COOLEST! Your kind offer is muchly appreciated; I'll see what I can do.

@Da Cathster:
No, it's actually for sale, though many of the websites I've checked to date are sold out--no surprise there.

Gack! I forgot the FFF is next weekend! Damn right I'll be there! We should make (loosely-knit) plans!