Sunday, October 26, 2008

More Music, Please!

Halloween Countdown Day 26

Novelty Halloween songs are all well and good (examples: the classic "Dinner With Drac" and yet another version of "The Monster Mash," this one featuring Mannheim Steamroller and William Marshall), but we all know Halloween is less about monsters and more about the lifting of the veil between the living and the dead.

Which leads us to Teen Death Songs (YouTube links): "Leader of the Pack," "Teen Angel,"Last Kiss," "Tell Laura I Love Her,"and so many others, all shrewdly calculated to make teenage girls of the '50s and '60s go gooey inside.

But how about the ultimate Teen Death/Halloween crossover?

Yeah, liven...uh...deaden up your Halloween party with that!

And before I leave:

One more (though I've posted it before), for Wayne:


Capcom said...

Wow. Tex looks like Eddie Munster all grown up.

Capcom said...

Or, a deranged Chris Isaak, which for some reason I find extremely appealing! :-o