Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Could This Make Me Rich?

My friend Preston (currently a grad student in clinical psychology at the University of Maryland but we'll forgive him for that) sent me a MySpace message today...

"There's a cinema here in Baltimore that reminds me a lot of the Byrd except it's more expensive and has more than one screen. They even show a little film at the beginning of the movie, like the Byrd, but instead of urging patrons not to litter, theirs says this: "

Jeebus bless John Waters! I chortled and snickered and executed a little nasal reflux maneuver with my Diet Pepsi and then wondered why it was no one has developed the technology to play back YouTube videos on a t-shirt. Can't be that difficult and you know there's a market for such a thing (I'm looking at you, ThinkGeek!).


Damn it.

Just...damn it.


Preston said...

Sweet blog! I've added you to my own blogroll. Check it: http://preston-greene.com

Cathy VanPatten said...

Oh my. I think I may have just realized just how old I am, 'cause I'm lookin' at the video t-shirt in amazement! LOL!

G. W. Ferguson said...

Thanks, Preston! I've added you to my list as well!

G. W. Ferguson said...

Well, Cath, imagine how I felt when I realized that my wonderful, innovative, potentially lucrative idea was old news. The young'uns are far more on top of things than I, the little bastards.


Cathy VanPatten said...

Oh, I know that feeling.. Back when I had doctoral aspirations, I was working on my Chaucer seminar paper--certain that I had hit on the ONE aspect of Chaucer that hadn't been done to death and that I could turn into a dissertation. Until I cracked open the very last book on my research list. Which expounded upon the very same premise I had THOUGHT I originated. And not only that--it tied the whole thing up neatly through alignment with a very obscure but strangely perfect medieval philosophical system. Crap.

Maybe there really ISN'T anything new under the sun... (tip o' the hat to Willy the Shake, as I heard Bob Dylan refer to the bard the other day... by the way, have you heard Theme Time Radio Hour? Excellent!)

G. W. Ferguson said...

"...by the way, have you heard Theme Time Radio Hour?"

Not yet. Guess I need to add that to my ever-expanding "Must Do" list.

Graduate school was the first time it really, really hit me that there isn't anything new under the sun. Same experience--come up with a neat idea, spend hours poring through pages and pages of musty ol' journals, find it had been anticipated years before. Added bonus--realizing nothing destroys a convenient theory as fast as an inconvenient fact.


G. W. Ferguson said...


"Back when I had doctoral aspirations..."

...made me think of this strip from :

How To Analyze Classic Literature