Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Jeebus Forgive Me, MORE Baconpunk!

I swear to you I thought I was through posting Baconpunk links; I really, really did, but damn, dudes and dudettes, this is BACON we're talking about!

Or in this case, Baconhenge.

"Let Baconhenge be the site of your seasonal celebration! Let bacon stand in for the sacrificed Year King, French toast for the Grain Goddess, the eggs in the frittata for the Cosmic Egg, and the vegetables for the bountiful Earth on which we live."

It's a recipe! It's a craft project! It's Celtic Baconpunk!

It's another fine link from MetaFilter.

And I'm a sick, sick man.


Anonymous said...

If you ever discontinue posting about bacon, I will disown you! I thought I wanted to go to Easter Island for vacation, but no - not now. Baconhenge is the summer destination for me!
Margie - Baconwhore forevermore...

G. W. Ferguson said...

Yeah, well, despite my proclamations to the contrary, I'm not very damn likely ever to stop posting bacon links. Guess you'll have to keep me!