Monday, May 5, 2008

Wherein I Demonstrate How Evil I Can Be

WARNING: Read the entire entry before clicking the link under discussion!!!


Don't click this link. Just...don't.

But you will, won't you? Oh, yes; you will. You cannot help yourself. It beckons to you. It calls to you. It will haunt your waking hours for you must know.

Perhaps a Ren & Stimpy excerpt will serve to dissuade you:

No? Then go ahead. Nothing bad will happen to your computer, I promise. Your brain is another matter.

And your opinion of me.

But I warned you.

Oh, and don't think I don't know that you'll be sending this link to all your poor, unsuspecting friends.

I'll be saving you a seat in Hell.


Carla said...

Evil. Evil. Evil. Brilliantly so, but I knew that already (as did you).

(dixie from lj)

G. W. Ferguson said...

Yes, and I felt the need, nay, the compulsion, to spread this far and wide.