Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Jessie W. Got Married!

Saturday, May 24, 2:00 p. m. at the Unitarian Church near Byrd Park, Richmond, VA in a simple, lovely ceremony attended by way more people than they expected.

A week before the wedding Jessie was getting a little nervous so we gave her a money-back guarantee. "And, so?" I asked. "You're registered at Red Dragon, right?" (click for larger version)

No pics from me of the wedding itself. I was sitting too far back with no zoom lens and didn't feel right punctuating the ceremony with flash photography anyway. Plenty of other people did that for me, so my first photo of the happy couple was when they arrived at their reception at Art Works.

We never expected Jessie to wear such a traditional gown; in fact, we were betting on skull-emblazoned leather festooned with chains. The train had a mind of its own and almost required its own place-setting.

Having the reception at an art gallery allowed me to pose an unsuspecting Jessie in unexpected ways.

While Jessie's friends, in this case lawyer-to-be Andrew L., reacted in unexpected ways.

Jessie and mutual friend Beth T. during a relatively quiet moment.

Adrienne and Rob pose for the camera (Rob told me later Adrienne thinks she looks "stupid" in this picture but, personally, I think she looks fine).

"arovd" (of Jessie's former dance troupe To the Earth) and partner "cutegaychick" hiding away from the reception madness in a convenient corner.

Alex P. and D. J. looking disgustingly wholesome.

Nikki and Bill G. being, well, Nikki and Bill G.

And the Color-Me-Stupid moment of the day is when I realized I didn't get a photo of Jessie with John P. Words fail to express how bad I feel about that since Jessie is going back to Hawaii and John is currently living in Blacksburg, VA.

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Sandy said...

I'm so glad you took pictures! You have a few really good ones that we would love to have the originals of for our wedding album.

Would you be willing to email them to Jessie?

I too am sad that there isn't a picture of Jessie and John. I know they both would've enjoyed that immensely