Sunday, October 9, 2011

Countdown To Halloween--Day 9 (Coffins!)

Halloween should be a time for spooky gift-giving; in fact, no less a luminary than Neil Gaiman has modestly suggested a new tradition, All Hallow's Read, wherein we give one another scary books during, or during the week of, Halloween. As a tried and true, through-and-through, book junkie, I cannot express how much this idea thrills me! On the other hand, sometimes a book just isn't enough, especially in this, the Post-Literate Age, in which case something else from the spooky category might be appropriate.

Say, coffins.

Well, maybe coffin-shaped objects; real coffins/caskets are a tad on the expensive side, $2000 and up plus as much as $500 shipping (yes, I've done the research. Go away.).

Got a cat? Want a Gothic Kitty? Check out Coffin It Up's cat bed (found via Catsparella):

Got a Gothic Kiddie? Check out Monster High's Draculaura Jewelry Box Coffin-- part jewelry box, part doll-sized coffin canopy bed:

Need that perfect finishing piece for your Gothic mantle? Black Rose Gothic Clothing Emporium has a simply lovely coffin clock:

For big-budget items, there's all sorts of coffin furniture at, including the Caravagio Gothic Display Cabinet:

But sooner or later, most of us are going to need a real coffin, of which there are gazillions on the Intarwebs. I'm partial to this particular model from Tribute Direct:

Might also make a nice bed, if you're of a morbid bent of mind. Not that I would ever consider such a thing... no, not I!

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Elizabeth Massie said...

Excellent blog, Lee! The cat bed is a must. As for me, I found a custom made cardboard coffin to be a pleasant choice...