Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday Afternoon With the Dogs

So one of my numerous bosses asked me to look after his two Springer Spaniels this afternoon while he and his family went to his father's 80th-something birthday party in Baltimore. It being a nice enough day, a tad cold, but sunny, I decided to walk over to his place, which meant I passed by the Byrd Theatre:

Now, about the two Springer Spaniels. They're lovely dogs, friendly as all get-out, but H-Y-P-E-R -as- HELL! I know why they call 'em "springers;" when they relax their anti-jump muscles they BOING!!! about 6 ft. straight up and this occurs every few seconds. Charlie & Gizmo are particularly manic and I had to wait about half an hour after letting them out before they slowed down enough to get any pictures.


"Hey! This not MY poop..."

While waiting for (relative) calmness to descend, I grabbed a few pics of the various holly variants in the back yard. No particular reason; they were pretty and seemed seasonally appropriate:


"I'm as calm as I'll ever be. Now, let's see if
I can knock you over starting... NOW!"

"Is that food? You're holding it near your mouth so it must
be food. If it's NOT food then it OUGHT to be food.
Food is good."

"I'm ready for my close-up, Mr. DeMille."

Hey, I take my amusements where I can find 'em!


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Pictures of happy dogs should be on every corner in RIchmond.