Saturday, September 4, 2010

Alone And Unsupervised With Access to

Here's a possible money-making idea for those of you brimming with time, energy, and creativity: novelty cigarette packs. Replace those boring old branded boxes with something different and unusual. Perfect for the smoking hipster in your life who disdains the conventional and wants to prove he/she is daring and beyond trendy. Economical, too, in that one can fill the box with whatever generic brand one can afford and still appear cool...

...Until small cell takes ya.

There are a couple of obscure jokes in my examples (obscure if you're not a long-time science fiction/comic book fan) and, therefore, perfect for a certain target demographic: Norman Spinrad wrote a story for Harlan Ellison's Dangerous Visions entitled "Carcinoma Angels"; Transmetropolitan's Spider Jerusalem smokes Carcinoma Angels.

Yeah, I need a life.


JSaM said...

"She was a visitor (with a Kool)". Howz that for esoterica?

Turdzilla said...

Nonsmokers outlive smokers, but what they don't tell you is the nonsmoker spends the last 10 years in a nursing home as the walking dead.