Saturday, April 10, 2010

Wherein I Reveal I Resemble Orson Welles Only Physically

My friend Anne writes a column for Richmond Magazine, the Big! Glossy! Colorful! Monthly! local 'zine for the Upwardly Mobile and the aspiring UM. It's worth the price of admission and, yeah, I'm pimpin', but I ain't lyin'.

Along with her column she also maintains a blog wherein she offers quick little snippets of her life as a Hipster Mom. The entries are lots of fun, especially since her son is... well... he's quite the character!

A recent post revealed The Boy's desire to become a filmmaker, something I deeply relate to, and presented the reader with his very first effort, Bomb Like A Bat. Sure, he had a little help, but damn! The kid's four-and-a-half and he's already made a video! I'm almost *mumble mumble hedge cough* and I've never made a video! Been in a few; never created one.

Obviously, such a state of affairs demanded serious rectifyin' and so, armed with little more than a vague understanding of Windows Movie Maker and fueled by innumerable swigs of Diet Pepsi and green tea (separately, not mixed. What, you think I'm an animal?), I cobbled together this:

Yeah, that's Richard "Kinky" (Big Dick) Friedman and The Texas Jewboys singing about Charles Whitman, the Texas Tower sniper. Kinky's got his own take on the subject, but his is more of a documentary than a music video.

I recognize the flaws--the images could have been better synched with the music, for one, but I didn't feel like messing too much with the audio timeline and the occasional serendipitous pairing of lyrics and pictures amuses me--and justify them by saying, "sometimes it's better to get the thing done than to get the thing perfect."

Enjoy it (if that's the right phrase) while you can. Being one huge-ass copyright violation wonderful example of artistic appropriation, participatory culture, and fair use (ahem!), it probably won't be up for long.

Oh, and serial killer expert Brother Wayne's critique?

"Nice work, {G. W.}. Now please make a video for 'Billy, Don't Be A Hero'."

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