Saturday, April 10, 2010

More of the Random Crap Which Infests My Brain

Let's blame Brother Wayne for this particular brain spasm; he's the one who posted a pic by Travis Pitts (available as a T-shirt!):

Yep, that's Velma from the Scooby-Doo franchise as a zombie/vampire hunter, the sole surviving human member of Mystery, Inc.

What? You never wondered which of the Scooby gang might survive the Zombie Apocalypse? It had to be Velma; Shaggy would have been too stoned to defend himself in any meaningful way (oh, c'mon; you know he was rockin' the ganj), Daphne was too damn self-absorbed ("Wait! I can't leave without my make-upaiieeEEEEE!!!"), and Fred? With that E-Z access ascot he was walking Purina Zombie Chow from Day One (that should be a Zombieland rule: "Clothing--loose lacing loses lives").

Velma would have already read, memorized, annotated, tested, and corrected The Zombie Survival Guide long before the SHTF. Come Z-Day, I want her by my side.

And, yeah, I've always been more of a Velma kind of guy--the same way I prefer Maryann over Ginger.

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