Monday, March 16, 2009

The Monday Night Earworm

I bought myself a new set of headphones this weekend (more about that later) and made the mistake of listening to a classic Fugs ditty.

Earworm City. Thoth help me, I can't get this unholy hybrid of country/western, church hymn, and gospel out of my head (lyrics painstakingly transcribed by yours truly):


Ramses II is dead, my love
He's left from Memphis for Heaven
Ptah has taken him in the solar barque
And walked him to Nut's celestial shores

Ramses II is dead, my love
He's wandering the plains where the Blessed live
Ptah and Ra and Sokaris, too
Are taking him on the celestial boat

Ramses II
Ramses II
Ramses II with the Savior

He walked to his bier
Where his pylons did wave
With the flags of his victories

Ramses II is dead
He died and he lies in the boat
He's floating down those cool, gray waters
To his tomb by the Nile's surging wave

Standing in the harsh, harsh gray granite
Standing, my Ramses, forever
With a coffin of gold and the pretty pale carvings
Lifting you to heaven

Heaven was waiting for Ramses II
He's gone to Great Ptah's huge side

(hear an excerpt)

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