Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Even More Baconpunk

Oh, Crom help me, I keep stumbling across Baconpunk links and my own obsessive need to share them (as in here and here).

I'll start with the Bacon Cups on Not Martha, a how-to for making itty-bitty single-serving bowls o' bacon. We're talking some serious baconporn here even though the author insisted on filling the things with arugula and sliced cherry tomatoes, which is just too damned healthy for my tastes. It's a clever hack that screams for a Scotch egg to achieve maximum cholesterol yumminess and something I'd be more than willing to try if my oven were functional.

Next we have the Bacon Flowchart, which is pretty much self-explanatory and highly amusing in a OMG-This-Is-Too-Close-To-The-Truth kind of way. I need to print this out and laminate it for my kitchen.

But then there's this: Bacon-flavored Vodka.

And this: Maple-Bacon Lollipops*.

And this: Bacon Incense.

Ya know? Sometimes you can take a thing too damned far!

*On the other hand, I am highly intrigued by the Absinthe Lollipops on the same site.


Aleph said...

Surely then, sir, you've seen the bacon bra as well? (Potentially NSFW)

I agree. Sometimes, too much is too much. I'm as pro-bacon as the next person, but one can go overboard. Indeed, too much bacon might limit your lifespan (and thus, your ability to enjoy bacon).

I think I just invented (or at least inspired) some kind of Bacon Utility Calculus. (Find the maximum utility a person of such an age and health can get out of bacon). Doesn't help that I studied to be an actuary for a bit...

Ok done now. :D

G. W. Ferguson said...

Is it wrong that I find the bacon bra strangely appealing?

"Bacon Utility Calculus." You made me spew Diet Pepsi all over my monitor!

Aleph said...

My apologies.

IOU one (1) Diet Pepsi, or Diet Coke with Bacon, at your preference.

G. W. Ferguson said...

(Homer Simpson voice)
"Mmmmmm...Diet Coke with Bacon!"
(gurgling noises)

Anonymous said...

How did that happen? Me - distracted from bacon! I just returned from an "Alice in Wonderland"-like rabbit-hole adventure into absinthe. Thanks. I, of course, just had to click the link about the lollipops. Which led to Wikepedia research into Absinthe. A "spirit" with a whole "ritual"! The description of the "Death in the Afternoon" cocktail, a death which I not only understand but cracked a smile at. Then the investigation into the special glasses and spoons that are needed for the preparation ritual. Thanks again. What was the blog about?
Oh bacon. Must admit I was somewhat disappointed by the bacon bra. It's not "ready to eat".
Margie (Baconwhore, forevermore)