Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Links Of Interest

I've got nothing in particular to say today, just a bunch of links I've been accumulating and thought I'd share with the group starting with this plaque:

From Jenny Holzer

--If you're looking for a new decorating scheme (or are considering building a temple devoted to the Great Old Ones) you might consider Adam Wallacavage's Cthulhu-esque, be-tentacled chandeliers.

--And speaking of Ol' Squidface, I recently ran across Calls For Cthulhu, a sort of online clearinghouse for all things Lovecraftian with links to such things as Baby's First Mythos and Neil Gaiman's wonderful little story, "I, Cthulhu."

--And speaking of stories, I've noticed more and more authors posting their works online for all to enjoy. Spotted recently: a vintage piece of cholesterol noir, "Lipidleggin," by science fiction/horror writer F. Paul Wilson and Bruce Sterling's "Kiosk," which he describes as "a kind of science fiction that could only be written in the 21st century" (see the Boing Boing blurb).

--And further speaking of online stories, I've just discovered the world of Creepypasta, "scary microfiction for the internet age." No question about it, "creepy" is the proper term. A Google search will pretty much guarantee you won't be sleeping anytime soon.

--On a lighter note, sort of, Turn Your Hamster Into A Fighting Machine (my guess is someone's been reading too much Sluggy Freelance).

--Should the current economic downturn have you worried about global Apocalypse and Armageddon or if you're merely a casual survivalist/preparedness junkie, you may want to scan the list of 100 Items To Disappear First and begin your stockpiling accordingly.

--And finally, be sure to check out Scott Meyer's webcomic, Basic Instructions, on a regular basis.

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