Saturday, August 25, 2007

Adventures & Escapades, Additional Links

Remember my list of potential Adventures & Escapades? Well, additions are a-brewin', but in the meantime here are some recent relevant links:

30. Make a large wall sculpture composed of circuit boards complete with all electronic components (here's a vaguely related article with construction tips).

Those fine folks over at Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories just posted about Matt's Awesome Chip Desk whose surface is covered with 434 discarded Itanium CPUs. It's a lovely thing and would go well with . . .

33. Convert an abandoned water tower into a living space. It's been done before!

Over at Boing Boing they've posted about a vertical (luxury) flat in a water tower (many pics here), though the comments directed me to the even cooler Munstead Water Tower.

Yeah, I've got a thing for Alternative Architecture. Check out this hurricane-resistant Monolithic Dome Home in Pensacola, FL!

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