Monday, July 2, 2007

Do Something Different Day

Way back in 2004 LiveJournalist baronmind created Do Something Different Day, a designated time (he chose Thursdays) when he attempted to do something completely outside his normal range of activities.

"If your life is becoming static and boring, if you find yourself doing the same things day in and day out, then Do Something Different Day is for you."

A couple of months later he even created a LiveJournal community so people could post about their DSDD experiences, dsdday, while archiving his own efforts here.

(I was particularly enamored of the time he built a pillow fort since it reminded me of the countless hours I spent in my parent's basement arranging and rearranging their (then-trendy) wicker chairs and old army blankets into elaborate hideouts)

Unfortunately, the idea never really caught on the way I thought it should have--the last entry in dsdday was back in January of 2006 and that was mine for when I played hooky from work to build a potato cannon (as yet unfired)--still, I liked the idea then and, since my life has become unexpectedly "boring and static" recently, I like it even more now.

All of which leads me to making a formal declaration for the resurrection of Do Something Different Day.

Hijinks shall ensue. Really.

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