Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"But Officer, I Swear I'm Completely Harmless!"

As part of my recent Preparedness Program, I detoured to Hull Street Outlet (the local military surplus store) on my way home from work to pick up a few items for the trunk of the car.

I often forget that what seem like completely innocuous actions on my part can appear a little...suspicious...when observed by someone without the proper context.

So I ramble around the store a bit, pick up the things I want, head to the cash register, and notice that the sales associate is regarding me somewhat cautiously as he rings up my stuff:

2 wool army blankets, green
1 wool balaclava, black
100 ft. polypropylene rope, black
1 entrenching tool
1 hatchet

See, for a moment I forgot that Taylor Behl and the Harvey Family are pretty recent events 'round these parts.

And I admit that at times I can be one sick-ass fuck--it was all I could do not to sign the receipt John Wayne Gacy III.


Anonymous said...

You might find this link useful:

I found that I can't find everything I want at my local Army Surplus store. This on line store also has some of the best prices I have seen.

G. W. Ferguson said...

Thanks! I've also liked Campmor for various odds and ends.

Yeah, HSO is often a crapshoot; sometimes I've gone in there and been amazed at ALL THE STUFF, other times the place is barren.