Monday, January 19, 2009

Poe's Birthday Bash Continues

From JSaM today:

Well, (G. W.), it's Ed Poe's birthday and it's given me time to think a little. What a great guy! He gave the misfits in the world (and I think that's about all of us) a little something to think about, that maybe we aren't all "too" strange after all. I took a little time to re-imagine him (see attachment), 'cause I think he is probably glad that his works and, indeed, his persona have flourished over the last 160 years (and all Griswold has is a blackened footnote in history). Oh well, they are probably in the "beyond beyond" having a good laugh. Enjoy your day!

And through the miracle that is LolBuilder,

JSaM also directs us to this wonderful video of John Astin reciting "The Raven" from his one-man show Edgar Allan Poe: Once Upon A Midnight.


JSaM said...

F lee Ferg, Glad you like this stuff. You know, in a better world one would be recognized for his accomplishments in his life time, but I guess Ed did it right, he said what he had to say, and got out early. I'd like to thank him personally for the "imp of the perverse", a major theme in my own life (and probably everyone's life).

Capcom said...

I love John Astin, I've never seen that, thanks for including it!

Wow, that Griswold was a tool. :-p

G. W. Ferguson said...

@Capcom: Griswold was a tool, but as JSam implied earlier karma caught up with him and today he is merely an oft-overlooked footnote to Poe history.

@JSam: Yep, THE theme to my life. That and "go ahead; be weird--history will vindicate you!"