Sunday, September 9, 2007

My Cat Is A Pervert

So these are some of my...uh...action figures (not dolls!) artfully arranged atop my computer tower:

Looks like The Thing is moderating a philosophical discussion between Action Figure Jesus and Buddy Christ while Edgar Allen Poe looks on with amusement (not pictured: Cthulhu Action Figure).

Exit: me.

Enter: Sid the Cat, who feels to need to leap and swat and bounce around the computer desk.

Exit: Sid the Cat, to hide under the computer desk, hoping for the opportunity to attack my feet when I sit down.

Enter: me, to see this:

Feel free to provide your own caption or comment.

1 comment:

michael said...

Pussy frenzy: Unable to resist his desire Poe raven-ously seduces The Thing, while Action Figure Jesus adds encouragement, leaving buddy Jesus to ponder his true nature.

(Lame, but having stumbled into this, i couldn't leave without adding a long overdue attempt.)