Saturday, June 30, 2007

Gothic Wish List

This is less an entry than a place to plop some boilerplate.

Every year in my other online journal I like to post a supposed Christmas List of weird, useless, and overpriced items with some introductory text along the lines of...

Dear Santa,

Just a quick note to remind you that I've been incredibly good this year, though I'll be the first to admit that it wasn't entirely by choice. I mean, at my age the opportunities to be truly bad are few and far between, but, be that as it may, I've fomented no revolutions this year nor have I overthrown any governments despite almost overwhelming temptation. I haven't engaged in mass murder, no serial killings, no random acts of violence, no choke sex (hell, no sex at all!), no waylaying of strangers to harvest their body parts, and only minor, completely excusable corruptions of youth. I've refrained from kidnapping any heiresses, selling any government secrets, or even holding the planet for ransom. I haven't tampered with things man was not meant to know, much, and that annoying human sacrifice thing is now in the dim, dark, distant past. I've limited my stalking activities to the online realm and I haven't propositioned any of my female associates to do that...thing...with the Waring blender in quite some time, so, while keeping that list in mind, please allow me to present to you this year's Christmas List.

(insert Links O' Blatant Materialism here)

As usual, I'll leave out the cookies, milk, and Fentanyl, so come on over, set a spell, take your boots off, etc. Kindly leave the cat alone; he hasn't recovered from your last visit and I don't care how you and Mrs. Claus do things at the North Pole, that wasn't a chimney.

Thanking you in advance,

Your pal, G. W.

The current "Links O' Blatant Materialism" are:

"Count Dracula" coffin
Coffin Clock
Black Death sweatshirt
Catapult kit
Tribute "Midnite" Steel Casket
Many fine items at Pushin' Daisies--A Mortuary Novelty Shop
Knightmare Chess--The Original Game of Chaos On the Chessboard
Knightmare Chess Set 2
Full-size Black KA-BAR USMC-style Knife, Straight Edge
Short Black KA-BAR USMC-style Knife, Straight Edge
Just about anything from Skellramics

More to be added as I run across them even though they'll all make me look like an 11-yr. old Goth Girl.

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